Styling & Production

Technical elements are the foundation for any successful event and we have one of the highest levels of technical expertise for events and entertainment technology in India. Pro Audio system engineering, lighting design, structural staging, trussing, electrification and show direction are just some of the skills we specialise in. These elements significantly enhance and impact the overall experience.

Flowers can transform the style and ambience of your event – whether you’re having a sit down dinner for 25 guests or a champagne reception for 800. Our in-house experts can conjure up beautiful arrangements to suit your particular event, be it classic designs in your corporate colours to contemporary pieces in eclectic glassware. We think outside of the box and can help you realise large feature ideas such as a traditional Rajasthani village with eclectic performers to the smallest details such as hand-stitched chair covers and hand printed menus and place cards. We are committed to creating the ‘wow’ factor in each and every event no matter how big or small.